Flying in to Oklahoma City…

Last week I returned from a business trip with a few personal days in Orlando, Florida.  I love to fly and to check out the shops in the airports that show off the local areas. After spending several hours waiting to depart from Orlando International, I was enroute to Houston International. There I had a 4 hour layover (my work bought my ticket) and I must have walked a mile that didn’t even count on my Fitbit because I was carrying my laptop and lunch! I finally arrived at the gate to catch my departing flight to OKC.

When I arrived at my gate, I immediately saw familiar sites. OU and OSU t-shirts and hats, fans wearing OKC Thunder basketball t-shirts. I also noticed other uniquely Oklahoma gear, such as cowboy hats and big belt buckles, and more ball caps representing Oklahoma companies like Devon Energy and Bank of Oklahoma. I felt a sense of comfort, as though I was already home, while just sitting in the boarding area awaiting my flight! But after a week, I really was ready to get home!

Once we boarded our flight, I sat next to a very nice gentleman from Houston who was going to OKC for business for the very first time. He was going for training and would be renting a car at the airport and staying in downtown OKC. He said he heard of Bricktown, but didn’t really know what to do in the evenings. So suffice it to say, after Michelle, Leah and I had our day tour in downtown OKC last month, I was chock full of information that I shared with him. He was so excited that he was going to do something every night and couldn’t wait to get started! He then had one more question. “Is there a great steak place near downtown that you can recommend?” Why yes, how about Cattleman’s Steakhouse in the Historic Stockyards! There’s nothing like that feeling when you know you’ve been a good steward about your home state.

So, back to the original point, flying in to OKC. You’ll probably meet some friendly and talkative people on your flight, just like I always do. When you arrive, the Oklahoma City Airport is attractive and clean, including the restrooms. Just be sure to wave your hand over the light to move the toilet cover first! OKC has only one terminal, with one main exit and just one flight down to claim any bags you may have checked in or to connect with most transportation modes. There are also a few local shops within the passenger area with great food and local souvenirs. There’s even a Pop’s Shop with a large variety or uniquely flavored sodas that the locals love! And the best news of all – the Downtown Sheraton is just a short ride away, typically less than 15 minutes!

~Judi N5KOU

Will Rogers World Airport

Welcome to Oklahoma City if you are coming by air!

Enjoy the view and the friendly folks along the way!