Introducing Leah’s Blog and Smashpoem

Hello YL’s,

Over the past month, Leah – W3LEO, has been noting a variety of tidbits with information from all over the state of Oklahoma from her past and recent travels. We’re compiling these tidbits and will be sharing them just for fun. As Leah started compiling her thoughts and sending them to me, I felt compelled to create a modern smash poem, because it just had a smash poem feel. So, let’s have some fun and get quirky!

Judi N5KUO

Introducing…Leah’s Oklahoma tidbits!

First of all, welcome to Oklahoma!
Leah Ohse, W3LEO

I am a fellow Okie,
I’ve lived here all my life,
I know a thing or two about this state,
so, listen up for some great advice!

If this will be your first time here,
you may be quite surprised!
We have a lot of diversity,
so, take time to discover our people, weather and our land.

Yes–we do have Cowboys and Native Americans too,
but not those of the old west.
We do ride horses for fun and rodeos,
from sun up–well past sunset.

Yes–this is tornado alley, but no reason for you to worry,
because during the summer heat, you won’t be chasing any!
We’re just generally hot & sticky,
so be sure to bring your sunscreen!

Now we’re more than prairies, farms and oil rigs,
we have mountains, rose rocks and caves,
deserts, beaches and hot springs,
and many more fun places to visit and to stay.

Our state is divided into “countries”
just six to be exact,
each with their own distinction
as you will soon get to see.

So, in my blog of tidbits, some random but quite true,
I’ll note some things you might not know.
And in the end I hope you’ll agree,
there’s so much more to see and do
than just Oklahoma City!