Last Pre-Convention Post

Our last blog — it’s a quickie!

By Judi Voeller, N5KUO

Hello YLs and OMs! This will be our last blog and it’ll be a quickie. Just a couple of things left to mention before your trip to the YLRL Convention in OKC!

Here’s  a quick run down.

  1. Construction – I just took an afternoon drive to downtown OKC on Sunday and there is currently a ton of construction and a few street closings around  downtown including some areas in Bricktown and in Automobile Alley. This is in preparation of the new street car system coming this fall. Be careful and watch your step! If you are driving in the downtown area, it may get a little confusing with all the construction, but remember, downtown is not that big, so just be prepared to go around the block a couple of times!!! Here is the link to the Convention Parking Map again and I have also included a really cool link that includes several maps of downtown OKC. Please note the street parking is generally for 2 hours and uses a kiosk that takes debit & credit cards. Check out the maps below!

Convention Parking Map

Maps – Downtown OKC  Great maps!

  1. The new Visit OKC Video is out with the August events. Check it out! You can also visit the OKC early August events link for some more information.
  2. Weather update. Here are a few links to check our local weather.

News 9 Weather 7 Day Forecast  or News 4 Weather or are a few local favorites.

  1. August 3-5 is Oklahoma’s TAX FREE Weekend! — If shopping for clothing or shoes under $100. Here is a link for more information in case you see some great deals! If you are heading west after the convention, expect the Outlet Mall on I-40 to be packed, but there will be great deals!
  2. The closest Walmart is 6 miles east on Reno Ave.
  1. Reminder of things for OM’s to do (with access to a vehicle).
    If your OM’s still haven’t figured out what to do, here are some quick suggestions. You can check them out on prior blogs, etc. for more information. Oklahoma History Museum, 45th Infantry Museum, Fire Fighters Museum, Western Heritage Museum (aka Cowboy Hall of Fame). For a great steak lunch, Cattleman’s is the best, but there is a decent steak restaurant around the corner from the hotel as well as in Bricktown.
  1. There are some coupons in the OKC Pocket Guide that will be in your packet for some area restaurants & museums including one for the Block 23 lunch buffet!

We are really looking forward to meeting everyone and having a good time at the convention! If you have any questions, please contact Michelle at