Leah’s Date Night ~Remington Park, OKC May 25, 2018

On Thursday, May 24th, my OM Donald, W5DRO, and I went on a date night at Remington Park in Oklahoma City to watch the horse races. This was fun, but the place became very busy after 7:00 pm.

The food was yummy, and the dining area was very nice! On Thursday nights the restaurant Silks has a dinner special for 2 and then you can watch up to 12 American Quarter Horse races!

We decided to use our two $5 betting tickets to bet on two horses on two races. I bet on what they placed, whether the horse came in 1st or 2nd place.

In both races one of our horses won first place! Of course, the winnings weren’t much, but I made my money back!

The last race we watched horse #9 and #3 who did not want to race. Before they got to the starting line one bucked his jockey off him and ran down the track. The jockey wasn’t hurt, but he was upset. He got the horse and tried to settle him down.  Finally, they got to the start and then #3 bucked his jockey again and ran towards the stables! Sure, glad I didn’t bet on him! lol

Races are fun to watch!

This is the grandstand.

And the winner is…

Remington Park is in the Adventure District in NE OKC. This was a lot of fun and worth going!

33, Leah