Southeast- Choctaw Country

In Southeastern OK there are 90-foot pines and an active forestry. Beavers Bend is in Beaver, Oklahoma and has beautiful cabins and a great lake. My husband and I stayed there for an anniversary get away. It’s such a nice little town, a great way to get away from it all, with no cell phone coverage–so we used amateur radio!


The Ouachita Mountains are a nice drive through Oklahoma and border with Arkansas. They are known for their gorgeous fall foliage. You’ll start your trek in a tiny town called Talihina, OK and drive on the Talimena Drive into Mena, Arkansas. The year we went it was foggy throughout the drive.

If you are ever in this area of Oklahoma, this is a definite must do in the fall. There are also some unique restaurants and mercantile shops at the entrance and exit towns.

Once in the state park, just follow the signs to your adventure destination!

Poteau is a unique town that has the world’s tallest hill, just one-foot shy of being a real mountain! It’s called Cavanal Hill, which is the world’s tallest hill at 1999 feet high. The Poteau River is the only river in Oklahoma that flows north.

If you are ever in Southeastern Oklahoma, you will certainly enjoy the beautiful landscapes!