Southwest/South Central/Northeast

Great Plains Country

Great Plains Country is made up of 14 counties in Southwest Oklahoma. These 14 counties are made up of great communities, all rich in history, culture and fun! Whether you are looking to relax, explore, learn, shop or play, you can find your adventure here in Great Plains Country. Golden short-grass prairie, ancient granite mountains, Indian legends and dramatic sunsets weave an alluring travel tapestry. Get ready to be romanced by the West in all its glory at a host of historic sites and museums in Great Plains Country. Explore the captivating towns dotting this magnificently rugged landscape or take a trek on the old Chisholm Trail, and then top off your travels with the ultimate road trip along the always-engaging Route 66.

Mount Scott one of the tallest ranges in Oklahoma has multi colored rocks.

South Central
Chickasaw Country

That gurgling you hear is water, lots and lots of cool, tumbling water crisscrossing Chickasaw Country with a splash-filled promise. A land of flowing water, Chickasaw Country also offers a host of comfort-filled amenities, from relaxing spas to peaceful lakeside cabins and distinctive shopping. And when you’re ready to head inside for a mind adventure, be sure to check out the region’s captivating one-of-a-kind museums.

 We have mountains. Yes, not as tall or big than the Rockies, but they are diverse

Green Country

Home of Tulsa Oklahoma, home of the Green Country Hamfest, where there’s lots of fun and adventure too! Tumbling rivers, expansive lakes, tallgrass prairie and rolling green hills are the hallmarks of this lush region, rich in culture and verdant grandeur. Tulsa’s sophisticated city lights offer the ultimate in metro exploring, while trekking Route 66 takes you into the heart of the definitive road trip experience. A winning combination of outdoor life and charming communities, Green Country is a bold adventure you’ll never forget.

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