Nancy Hall KC4IYD

Nancy Rabel Hall, KC4IYD was first licensed in 1989 as KC4IYD and has kept that call as she upgraded from General to Extra in 1992. She is married to Steve Hall, W8HF and they have a daughter Carol W8CSH in college.  She is a Past YLRL President, Vice President and Receiving Treasurer.  She was the chair for the 2002 YLRL Convention in Ohio.  She is the current DC 8 chair and is the trustee for the YLRL club K4LMB.  She enjoys working special events station, contesting and building QRP kits. She was the 15th  Recipient of the Ohio Allan Severson AB8P (SK) Memorial Award and is currently the president of the NASA Glenn Amateur Radio Club, NA8SA.
She is both a research scientist and project manager working in the International Space Station (ISS) and Human Health Office at the NASA Glenn Research Center. In this Office, she has worked on projects that studied the behaviour of polymers, liquid crystals, two phase flow systems, flow boiling and condensation systems and how these fluids and systems behave differently in microgravity as compared to here on Earth. She has been at NASA Glenn for over 28 years. She supports many education and outreach activities and currently works with high school students who design and fabricate hardware, softgoods and prototypes for NASA astronauts. She is the author of several scientific papers and a contributing author to the book “Frontiers of Propulsion Science”. She is a Girl Scout Troop leader, enjoys playing golf, and reading science fiction and fantasy books.

Ria Jairam N2RJ

Ria Jairam, N2RJ has been licensed since 1997 in her native Trinidad and Tobago, and in the US since 2001. She first gained an interest in radio at age 5 from her dad who was an avid SWL, and learned about amateur radio under the mentorship of Mr. Tony Lee-Mack, 9Y4AL (SK). Ria is especially interested in radiosport (contesting) and DXing, as well as homebrewing, kit building and digital modes. She has to her name several DXCC awards including DXCC on all 3 modes and 9 bands including 160 meters, along with DXCC challenge at the 1500+ entity-band level. She has also won several contest plaques including regional, national and North American titles in various DX contests, and has placed in the top 10 in ARRL DX and CQWW contests. A keen SDR enthusiast, she is frequently a “Top Elmer” on the FlexRadio community forum and won a “Top Elmer” award in 2016 for her work with VPN remote access for Flex radios. Ria is a member of and QSL card sorter with the North Jersey DX Association (NJDXA) and is the Northern NJ section and manager for the Frankford Radio Club (FRC). She is also the district 2 chairwoman of the Young Ladies Radio League (YLRL) and is a member of the British Young Ladies Amateur Radio Association (BYLARA). Ria is an alumni of the NYU school of Engineering BS/MS program, where she obtained her degree in Electrical Engineering. Look for her in the DX pileups, often remotely, or operating FT8 and JT65 digital modes.
She blogs about these activities at her website: n2rj.com.

Carol Milazzo KP4MD

Dr. Carol Milazzo is District 6 Chairwoman of the Young Ladies’ Radio League.  Starting as a short wave listener in the 60’s she has been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1970.  Carol has been a member of ARRL since 1973, the Medical Amateur Radio Council (MARCO) since 1977 and the YLRL since 2005. Carol and her husband Roger, KI6FYF, are Life members of the ARRL where she currently serves as ARRL Sacramento Valley Section Manager. Carol maintains a personal web page at qsl.net/kp4md and is n6na.org webmaster for the River City Amateur Radio Communications Society in Sacramento. When her busy pediatric practice permits, Carol plays piano and is active on CW, phone and digital modes from 160 meters through 432 MHz.  Carol has published articles on satellite tracking, filter design programming, antenna modeling, WSPR data analysis, and


Andrea Slack K2EZ

Andrea Slack, K2EZ has been licensed since 1980.  Her introduction to amateur radio occurred at age 15 when her father invited her to attend an introductory session of a novice license class the local Amateur Radio club was hosting.  She continued to attend with her father they both earned their licenses.

For many years Andrea was primarily a CW op and she developed an early interest in experimenting with antennas.  She has also dabbled in wide ranging aspects of amateur radio including DXing, contesting, satellites, digital communications, traffic handling, RACES, VHF weak signal, FM and repeaters.

Amateur radio has also been influential in Andrea’s choice of career and has opened many doors and opportunities throughout the years.  She currently works as an engineer doing mixed analog, digital and microprocessor controls.

In recent years Andrea has discovered a passion for VHF roving and mobile ops.   She has two national first place VHF contest wins in the limited rover category and currently holds the record for the most number of grids activated in a VHF contest.  She has set half a dozen limited rover division score records and was one of the top activators in New Jersey during the National Parks On The Air.

Jim Fenstermaker, K9JF

After serving as ARRL Northwestern Division Vice-Director and Director and Vice President for a combined eighteen years, Jim was elected as ARRL Honorary Vice President in 2016.  He served in many leadership positions in amateur radio circles including ARRL DX Advisory Committee, Co-Founder and 1st President of the Greater Milwaukee DX Club, President of the Willamette Valley DX Club (Portland, OR) and President of the Clark County (WA) Amateur Radio Club – which was the Dayton Hamvention’s “Club of the Year” in 2017.  He also chaired ARRL’s Strategic Planning Working Group.  Currently, he continues ARRL involvement as a Board Member of the ARRL Foundation.

DXing wise, Jim holds #1 DXCC Honor Roll (368/340), 9-Band DXCC, DXCC Challenge 2,500+, and is nearing 9-band WAZ.   His awards also include USA-CA all US counties.

After “escaping” the Midwest in 1983, Jim and XYL Shirley W7SAF recently relocated to SW Washington where they now have a quiet near-hill-top QTH in the Columbia River Gorge 25 miles east of Vancouver, WA.  Their location is one mile north of the Columbia River and 1,000 feet above the river, with views of the Cascade Mt. Range extending out over 20+ miles from SSW to N to SSE.

Professionally, Jim is a now Retired-CPA having specialized in Manufacturing and Financial Management Cost, Interface and Control Systems.  He is owner of JF & Associates, LLC.  Jim holds degrees from Anderson University, Indiana University, and Portland State University.

Jim worked for 6+ years on initiatives to modify DXCC rules to fix problems occurring following a DXCC rules change in 2004.  After these rules were modified in January 2018, Kosovo was added to the DXCC list of entities.  He was invited to participate as the USA representative during the first operation where Kosovo counted for DXCC by his friend of 46 years, Martti OH2BH.  His presentation describes “Mission Goodwill Kosovo” which began over a decade ago.

Margie Spangenberg, KK4AGN

living above Lake Hartwell in Central SC became a licensed ham in 2011 and currently has her General ticket.  She has been very active with the Anderson Radio Club since she received her license.  Currently, she is Secretary and Newsletter Editor.  This year she will be Field Day Information Publicity and Information Chair, Chair to assist Scouts build an amateur radio directional finding antenna and foxhunt and Christmas Party Chair/Entertainment Program (Gary, KF4GGK as Santa and Margie as Santa’s Helper). For several years, Margie was St. Patrick’s Picnic and Foxhunt Chair, Chair of ARC’s Get on the Air radio modes exhibit at Anderson County Library, and ARC Hamfest committee.  She was presented a plaque from ARC as Outstanding Amateur of the Year award in 2014.  In 2016, she received a plaque for her work as Chair for ARC’s 50th Anniversary event that was held in 2016 with an attendance of 100.  She also organized the N4AW’s 50th Anniversary Special Event Station in April 2016 and the N4AW Special Event Station in memory Silent Key, Steve Foster, N4SZ in July 2017.  She designed both Special Event QSL cards and submitted most of the 600 QSOs to LOTW and mailing out the QSL cards.  For the last four years, Margie has been ARC’s 2-Meter Net Controller on Wednesday evenings.

Margie has held since 2016, Public Information Officer for the Roanoke Division representing SC.  In 2016, Margie gave a presentation at six clubs in SC and GA inviting the members to Anderson Radio Club’s 50th Anniversary event.

The National Parks on the Air in 2016 had Margie back on the road again talking to 10 clubs and 3 Hamfests with her NPOTA slide presentation.  She also had a NPOTA table setup at the three Hamfests.   Currently, Margie has a table at the Atlanta Hamfest exhibiting her Fifty States QSL Quilt.  At the 2017 Quartzfest, she gave a presentation summarizing her travels across the USA as an NPOTA activator.

Margie has authored an article of 106-year-old ham, Cliff Kayhart, W4KKP that is in the June 2018 issue of QST, page 13.

Margie has fun working UHF, HF, Digital Modes (PSK31, FT8), D-Star, DMR, QRP, Satellite, Echolink and Remote.Radio.  When she was a NPOTA activator in 2016, she made over 4,500 HF contacts in 67 parks on an ICOM 7100 with an Eagle One vertical antenna working 20 and 40 meter bands.

Margie and her husband, Gary KF4GGK are motorhome owners since 2003 and now the RV odometer reads 165,00 miles. While Gary drives at a legal speed and watches for pot holes on the big “I, passengers “Sunshine” Maltese/Shih Tzu doggie hides under the RV seat and Margie rag chews with other hams on the D-Star and DMR network